Club history

History of the Club

The first football club in Koprivnica was established in June of 1907 and was called Students’ Football Club Koprivnica. As early as August that same year they played their first football match against HAŠK from Zagreb. The match ended with a score of 1:15.

Members of the famous Croatian family Friedrich founded The Croatian Sports Club Slaven on August 20th 1912. In 1920 that club won the Croatian provincial championship. Due to financial difficulties and the departure of the Friedrich brothers to Zagreb, the club ceased to operate. The club’s tradition was continued by HŠK Victoria until 1926.

From 1926 to 1930 the town of Koprivnica had no official football club. In 1930’s the club functioned under the names of HŠK Koprivnica, HŠK Danica and RNHŠK Sloga.
In 1945 the name of the club, FD Slaven, was reinstated. From 1953 to 1958 the club was known as SD Podravka , and after that as FC Slaven.

The company from Koprivnica called Bilokalnik became the club’s main sponsor in 1992 and the name was changed into FC Slaven Bilokalnik. In 1994 pharmaceutical company Belupo became the club’s sponsor and since then the club is called FC Slaven Belupo.